The Matinees

The Matinees are:
Jaime Borschuk - Guitar, Vocals
PF Dumanis - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard

Greg Dubrow - bass
Dan Baber - drums
Nick Mirov - cello
Lauren Wooley - drums, banjo, violin
Patrick Wolff - saxophone, clarinet, flute
Jeff Hobbs - cornet, violin
David Hartzell - trumpet
Eric Pietras - glockenspiel
Natashia Mitchell - accordian
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart - Viola

All These Days, 4/8/2011 self-released
Make The Leap, 2009 Three Ring Records
Sleepy Seeds, 2007 self-released

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Contact: info[at]

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On haitus since 2013.



The indie pop garden continues to blossom in the Bay Area! The Matinees' sophomore full length catches a ride on the fleeting warm sunbeams that visit SF around this time of year. Bask with us in some really good girl/boy sung tunes. On songs such as "Mission Beach" they're very much in the vein of Quasi, and take a more reeling whimsical spin more akin to Fiery Furnaces on "Fair Weather Friend".
Aquarius Records

When the band’s 2007 release, Sleepy Seeds, arrived at our studio, it won us over instantly. In a region with some quality indie pop, the band’s debut definitely stood out, with strong harmonies and endearing songs created from just two voices and two guitars. Both band members, PF Dumanis and Jaime Borschuk, come from a history of involvement in other projects, but there’s just an undeniable chemistry to their work as The Matinees.
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